help on solution


im about to buy a droboPRO (connected 2 win2003 server) at my work
and a drobo FS off-site for backup

what is the best solution to execute backups


I recommend you take a closer look at AppAssure Replay4, a disk-based, block-level, application specific backup/recovery/HA/Replication/DRP solution w/ free in-process de-duplication & compression. The “Rescue media” function allows us to copy the base image and subsequent de-duped & compressed incremental images we called recovery points to a local/remote storage to eliminate the SPOF. If you have Exchange, SQL and SharePoint, then Replay4 worth ur time to take the 14-day trial. OK, we are a partner of AppAssure, but also a user as well. w/ a block-level device like our DroboPro/Elite/B800i via iSCSI, Replay4 enables very fast backup/restore speed. Any further sales & tech, pls feel free to contact us.

A pretty easy method is to back up using rsync over SSH. Have a look at this thread for details:

Nothing personal against rsync but isn’t rsync a file-based synchronization tool but not a block-level backup/restore/recovery/HA/DRP solution and has no de-dupe? Besides, almost everything out there can do backups but can they perform instant & successful restore and BMR (Bare Metal Recovery) w/ a RPO/RTO? Not to mention corruption detection prior to each backup and a mountability check of the backup image is performed after each backup to guaantee “No Gotcha” situations. Sounds like a typica 60 sec elevator sales pitch! Well, maybe but the product simply rocks!

…and fully buzzword compliant! Congratulations…

Tks! AppAssure Replay4 was named The Best of MS TechEd 2011 Finalist. To be fair, the winner is Commvault Simpana 9.

They didn’t make it to the short list merely by being fully buzzword compliant or spending $$$ on full-page ad in those magazines.


tnx 4 hlp so far

but i think ill use rsync via vpn