Help Needed re - Migrating from Gen 1 to 5N on Mac

Help with Migrating from Gen 1 to 5N on Mac
Hi, I have one of the original Gen 1, 4 Drive Drobos connected to a Mac. As I recall the FW for the Gen 1 is an older version and Drobo tell us not to upgrade. I just bought a 5N and started looking at how to migrate. It appears that step 1 is to upgrade both Drobo’s to the latest FW - which makes sense to me BUT I don’t know if I should do that on a Gen 1 Drobo. Need help before I mess something up !!


AFAIK, there is no migration for a Direct Attached to a Network Attached (and vice versa) Drobo.

hi the safest thing i feel will be to copy and paste (and verify where possible) the data to your new model.