HELP! My drobo is solid yellow, won't start up at all

Hi-can someone please help me figure out why one of my drobo pros won’t start up? It begins to start but all the lights turn solid yellow, the fan intensifies then everything goes dark and quiet for a second and repeats. It can never actually reach a point to when it starts up properly and the lights never change from solid yellow.

I’ve tried everything from new power plugs, a boot up without drives in it, etc. It just started yesterday after I did a firmware update it never fully updated/recovered and is now in this state i can’t pull it out of. Is there a manual reset?

My other two drobo pros updated and are perfectly fine???


You can try the pinhole reset. U know paperclip handy & while pushing the paperclip in the pin hole & flip the On/Off switch. Good luck!

thank you for the reply…unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

I tried pressing in the pinhole reset and holding it for a while, short press, etc. but still just the yellow solid lights and the fan going then looping like that over and over.

any other suggestions?

Hummme, sounded like the failure of the firmware upgrade had caused this unstable state. Recommend to open a ticket w/ DRI support. Should be 24x7 NOW. Hope the unit is still under warranty.