Help , is it time to re-format ?


Just found this site , i hope some one can help

I have got a drobo v1 , with 3 x 1.5tb samsung eco green drive`s and a 1tb drive.

I swapped the 1 tb drive out for another 1.5tb samsung drive and all the lights on the side went a sold red , i checked the drobodash board and it said i have not put the new drive in , i checked it and i did not put the new drive all the way in.

So the drobo started flashing green/amber and it says 261 hours to finish on the drobo dash. I checked the drobo the next day and i`m now not getting any flashing lights at all , just 7 blue lights along the bottom and the power light is flashing , also i can not connect to the drobo dash board.

I left it till the 261 hours was up but it was still the same , the hard drives are warm to touch , so there some thing going on.

Is it time to re-format ?

Thanks for your help.

Contact support before you do anything drastic. If you reformat, you’ll never find out what the root cause was.
Unfortunately, support is likely out for Christmas holiday. Though by your willingness to reformat, sounds like you have backups of your data elsewhere, which is a good thing. :slight_smile:

My Drobo v2 did the only blue lights thing after I accidentally knocked one of the drives loose. It took a number of minutes before it completed booting, so I would let it sit for a while before you continue troubleshooting.

If it is still “stuck” after 4 hours or so, shut it down, remove the new 1.5TB Samsung drive that you added, and replace it with the 1TB drive that was already in there, then see if Drobo starts up normally again.

Also, you should unmount Drobo from your computer and disconnect the data connection during relayout to ensure there’s no access happening. Accessing Drobo during relayout will GREATLY increase the amount of time required for relayout.

Thanks mate for the reply

I`ve put the 1tb drive in a htpc i was building , sorry i should of said… i put the new drive in on the 2nd december , it has been like that since.

I think it’s screwed , 3tb of films and family photos gone down the drain

Waited this long , i can wait a little longer . I have disconnected it from the router , thanks for the tip.

Merry Christmas .

wow you did wait a long time.

if the green/red lights are off, and there are some blue lights across the bottom, it sounds like its stuck in the boot process.

make sure it is not connected to any pc/mac/droboshare

you almost certainly wont make it worse by pulling the power (if it hasnt done anything for days - you dont really have any other option)

then plug it back in and watch it boot - the blue lights count up.

let us know if it finishes the boot process, and exactly what happens

Hi mate

Ive turned the power of and left it for about an hour , plug it back in and its still same.

7 blue lights and the power light is flash

I got 4 x 1.5tb drives in the drobo
1.4 tb Used for protection ,
4.1 tb available for data
I have used up about 3tb , so 7 blue lights look about right … does the flashing power light mean anything ?

Thanks for your help.

“booting” i think

give support a call.