Help I can't uninstall Drobo Dashboard

I am trying to uninstall Drobo Dashboard from a new Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server. I am running the uninstaller at Library\Application Support\Data Robotics\Drobo Dashboard. When I run the uninstaller it asks for my administrative password. I correctly type in the password of my administrative account and it says “incorrect password” and will not continue to uninstall. I tried this exact same procedure on my Snow Leopard iMac and the admin password was accepted and uninstall went fine. Is there some kind of incompatibility with Snow Leopard Server and the Drobo uninstaller? If so how do I get rid of Drobo Dashboard?

There are no issues between the dashboard uninstaller and Snow Leopard. The admin password is for your computer.

Caps Lock? Stuck Shift? Just checkin…

No it is absolutely not an issue with me inputting the wrong password, caps lock or anything like that. My admin password works fine for everything else. I set up the server so I know the admin password. The only program that will not take it is the Drobo Dashboard uninstaller. If there is no way to get rid of this and all of its remnants I am going to have to format and reinstall the server. I know that is drastic but I don’t want this on my server.

I had similar issues a while back. I ended up doing the removal manually. If you want to find out what the uninstaller does (and can read shell script) then if you dig around inside the uninstaller (use right-click “Show package contents” in Finder) then you will find the script at /Library/Application Support/Data Robotics/Drobo Dashboard/Drobo_Dashboard_uninstall.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/Drobo_Dashboard_uninstall.sh
Take a look at what it does and follow the steps yourself.

Thanks Spiney. That is a great suggestion. Thanks so much.

I found a simple solution for a similar problem: I have NO password for my iMac, but leaving the line blank resulted in “incorrect password”, too. I then temporarily assigned a real password within the system preferences, which was immediately accepted by the Drobo Dashboard uninstaller. So there seems to be a little bug at least for the acceptance of not assigned passwords.

@hanska: Good find… The password change could possibly have knocked things back into sync if they weren’t too. So…

@Mumstead: Can you try changing the admin password temporarily, then trying the uninstall again?

Thanks everyone. I came up with the solution a couple days ago. As others suggested I temporarily changed the admin password. It seems that the Drobo uninstaller has some kind of bug if you are using a secure password. If I used a password that had numbers, symbols, and small and capital letters the uninstaller would not work. If I changed it to a simple password it worked fine. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone.

Glad to hear you got it worked out. Definitely report the bug if you haven’t already.