help for "newbie"???

I thought I had a pretty good background to tackle DroboFS … I am mistaken.
I am not totally inept (experience programming, scripts, building PCs) but I have not had any UNIX and little command console experience.
I am putting this out to the group as I want to give this a good try to solve these issues and I have spent a week now trying to find out how to use the console and access the DroboApps.
Besides backing my files I want to use the DroboFS for media streaming and I do not know where to begin.
I have read the articles how to open the drobo using this and that command … but I really do not know what this means. I have not found any basic command guides that walk me through the beginning uses for Telnet, SSH or any UNIX formulas so that I can understand how to use these things.
I see there is an update for Fuppes but I do not know how to go about doing that.
I am not asking for anyone to give me a long tutorial … just clue me into some useful sites I can study and learn or books that would put me in the right direction.
DROBO offers little support and I have already given myself one problem.
After I got my FS up and running, I backed up some large files and now it is in “READ ONLY” status and I do not remember actually doing this and I cannot find out how to undo this as I cannot add any more files until I do.
Any assistance from the COMMUNITY will be most appreciated.


I can’t give you a ton of in-depth as I don’t have an FS, but I can give you a little background to get you into the right mindset at least.

The Drobo FS is a Drobo storage device + mini Linux “server”

By default, the Linux “server” is set up only to serve. You can think of it similar to a headless Windows server.

In order to add more applications/services/functionality, you install DroboApps, but those apps are not standardized, so they all get configured in their own way.

You can think of these DroboApps just like regular applications in Windows. Some have configuration files, some have configuration interfaces, all are configured in different ways - some have user interfaces, some are command-line only, etc.

So, one of the first things you’ll want is command-line access to the Linux part of the FS. Most people install the Dropbear SSH package which provides an SSH command-line shell, which you can access with an SSH client like PuTTY.

Once you have shell access you can manipulate configuration files or poke around. Just be careful, as you don’t want to do anything that would break the Linux part of the FS, otherwise the FS won’t share properly anymore. This would be the equivalent of mucking around in \Windows or \Windows\System32

Beyond that, it’s a matter of finding more info on the particular app. Since they’re almost all open source apps and the “DroboApp” version is just a version ported/compiled for FS and/or DroboShare, then most of the general information out there applies.

This part’s a little different, since Windows applications are generally written only for Windows, so they have specific help, install instructions, etc.
The DroboApps, being *nix applications, are more general in their help and they often some level of core *nix knowledge, so there’s more of a challenge there.