Help: File Deletion Hangs

I have a volume which contains a large number (418,780) of recovered files from one of my PC’s additional hard drives (NTFS).
Every time I access this folder it is slow to load in the windows explorer and numerous times I have attempted to delete the files with no avail.
Windows explorer just hangs, it indicates “calculating” deletion; however, it runs for days without any results.
And if I kill the process and check the folder all the files still remain.
Is there a better way to delete such a large number of files? Or maybe these files are corrupt; if so, what is a good resolution?
Dasboard: 2.5.2
Firm: 1.2.6
Windows 7 Pro

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

hi fernando,
im just wondering, are you trying to just delete a large number of files which reside in a single folder or to access them too?

eg, if you want to access them in windows explorer, maybe you can do this:

  1. go to a command prompt, and browse to that folder
  2. make a new directory via the prompt: eg “mkdir f1”
  3. copy a file you happen to know (or do a dir command to show you something matching ab* for example)
  4. move the file into the f1 folder
    (if it moves ok, and doesnt screw up the filenames, try it with a long filename you can see and retest)

then ultimately what you can do, is to make several folders,
and move all a*.* files into folder 1
move all b*.* files into folder 2

so that the end results is changing from 450 thousand files in 1 folder,
to about 20 thousand files per folder.

and that should allow you to access it in windows explorer with only a few mins delay.

you can further subdivide if you like as necessary.

hope this helps a bit