Help! DroboPro suddenly reboots during copy

I have the following issue: DroboPro suddenly reboots during copying large amounts of data (25 GB+) and comes back online after the usual reboot time like nothing happened. This is very annoying though. I have to start over the whole copy procedure in smaller (approx. 10 GB) chunks to get the data onto drobo. I can’t work that way. Never had problems like that with my 2nd Gen Drobo.
Note: Drobo is currently relaying out the data as I added a Drive yesterday. But it’s supposed to work in the background and not influence any data transfers and certainly not hang up the whole device.

This problem occured with both FW800 and iSCSI connection. My Software is always up to date.

Should I open a support case or do you guys have any tips for me?

you are correct that this is not normal (even during a rebuild)

open a support case

do not take your log files off until AFTER the rebuild has finished though

Update: I added 2x 2TB Hard drives, let it run its protection routine for a day and now it’s been running smoothly for days now. I had to rebuild the drobo with DiskWarrior, too because it wouldn’t mount in the Finder. Maybe the corrupted file System caused the errors… I’m happy again.