Help! Drobo showing only yellow lights and not mounting to any machine

HELP! My Drobo is showing only yellow lights and not connecting to any machine. My Drobo became this way after I right-clicked and accidentally clicked Turn on BitLocker (I was trying to click open in new window) and after I tried canceling it, the window for the BitLocker locked up and it didn’t go away. At that point my drive immediately became inaccessible. The Drobo’s lights went from green to all yellow and it periodically restarts itself. On my windows machine it doesn’t show on either my drives or in the disk utility window. I also tried it on a Macbook Pro but I get the same results. Please help I have a presentation this Sunday and Monday and I need assets from this drive. I have some of it backed up but not all of it.

I’m having a similar issue. I don’t know the solution. After moving to a new apt by Drobo 5N won’t mount or turn on properly - all lights are yellow or flash yellow and then it shuts down after a while, been this way for a few weeks now. I’m close to buying a used Drobo 5N so I can put the drives in it, as it seems like an issue with the Drobo hardware itself. But I hope someone can help!

My Drobo miraculously started working was able to access my data. The lights turned all green except 1 that was red. Also at this point the Drobo dashboard was not able to see my Drobo. I spent the last few days backing up all my files in two places. After a successful back up I restarted the Drobo and it started working like normal with all the lights tuning green. Not sure what I did to be honest but happy I got all my data. Hope you can get yours working.

Congrats! I was hoping for that but no luck. I ordered a new power supply - hoping that helps.

Good luck! Really hope it works our for you!

I got the new power supply and now the lights are all steady yellow and have been for two days. This time they stay steady yellow at least, whereas before they periodically turned off altogether and sometimes flashed yellow. Hopefully it’s rebuilding or something… otherwise I guess my next step will be buying a used Drobo and seeing if my drives will mount in that, and then selling it if they don’t. I really wish Drobo tech support wasn’t so expensive and bad. I thought Drobo was a reliable backup system and this experience is the disaster I thought investing in an expensive system like Drobo was supposed to prevent. Very frustrating. Thanks for your empathy though!

Thats a bummer :frowning: What does it say on the Drobo Dashboard?

Maybe this will help. These are the instructions they gave me to try and get mine to work. Main thing to keep in mind is to not detach or insert any drives while the Drobo is on.

Do Not insert the drives while Drobo is powered on.

Please do the following.

  • Properly Shutdown the Drobo through the Drobo Dashboard > Tools > Shutdown, if this is not possible use the Toggle switch on the back of the Drobo.

  • With the Drobo Powered OFF, safely eject the drives

  • Power up the Empty Drobo

With No drives installed, what is the status of all the drive bay lights - color, solid or blinking?

Properly Shutdown the Drobo through the Drobo Dashboard > Tools > Shutdown, if this is not possible use the Toggle switch on the back of the Drobo.

That was the first step they gave me. On my end at the time it didn’t work. If you have the same issue this was the next step they told me.

Please follow this procedure to put the Drobo into Read Only mode:

  1. Put your Drobo into Standby/Shutdown via the Drobo Dashboard (if it’s not already) and remove the power. With the Drobo completely powered off eject your drives at least 1 to 2 inches.

How do I safely shut down my Drobo device? https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01686

  1. Power up the empty Drobo.

  2. Once the Drobo connects to the Drobo Dashboard, double-click the Drobo icon and press keystroke: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R in Windows or CTRL-OPTION-SHIFT-R if you are running Macintosh.

  3. You should get two prompts, one right away, and one a few minutes later. Please click to reboot the Drobo at that time (if you don’t get the second prompt for 5 minutes standby the unit using Drobo Dashboard and then cycle the power).

  4. Once the Drobo connects to the Drobo Dashboard please check that the Drobo is in read-only mode (RO) by looking at the name of the Drobo in the Status or Capacity screens and verifying that there is an (RO) after the name. If it is not in read only mode please start over at step 4.

  5. Once verified Drobo is in Read Only (RO) Mode, put Drobo into Standby. Once in Standby/Shutdown disconnect power. It is Critical that step 5 above is confirmed. Data loss can occur if the Drobo is not in read only mode.

  6. Once the drives are securely seated in the Drobo, power On the Drobo. The Drobo should connect to the Dashboard. Once connected to Dashboard please generate a diagnostic file and upload it to the case (procedure below)

How to Generate a Diagnotic File

After the Drobo boots are you able to access your data? If so please begin copying the data to another location.

Hope this helps!