HELP!!! Drobo is garbage

I am completely blown away by Drobo’s care service. They are borderline fraud. Can anyone help me with this?
I bought my 3G drobo nearly a year ago now and they still will not deal with it. From the first day I bought it I was having problems. It would not recognize some of my drives. I called and the drobo service person said there was a problem and they thought maybe it was manufacturing debris or oil on the contacts of the drobo. He said I just need to keep ramming the drives in and out to clean of the contacts. I did it and it worked. Solved…?

Then I backed up my stuff. However I used up all of my 4x 4TB drives with nearly just drobo’s usage which I understand is normal. But my computer is only a 3TB drive! Then I did a backup with TimeMachine. The unit ran fine and then just stopped. It now takes 1 1/2hr just to transfer 1GB! I contacted them and after 4 months!!! They finally concluded that my drives are 99.98% full! It took them 4 freeking months!! From what I understand the drobo unit is suppose to delete older backups to make room for the new and keep it running properly.
But how the heck did 16TB get used up for a 3TB computer!?

Now the 7th agent !!! working on this case just told me that I have lots of space available. They say I have another 3TB available for time machine and still lots of space for Drobo. They are trying to claim that I have 21 total drive space for my unit which is impossible when I only have 16TB of drives!
I told them I am getting sick and tired of this and I still can’t use this thing after nearly a full year. Now they won’t respond to me anymore! It seems like they just keep stalling to make my warranty run out. It has been 200 days since my last backup and I’m worried. If my computer goes down I’m screwed and I haven’t even been able to use this stinking drobo!

HELP what do I do?

The issue you are describing is not a Drobo problem.

Time Machine will fill up ALL available space on ANY attached drive.

You need to use the Dashboard utility to limit the amount of space that Drobo can use for Time Machine.

mgriffin34 Thank you SO MUCH! You answered my question in minutes what 7 drobo agents couldn’t answer in 4 months! The last drobo agent told me that it was a drobo issue and said it should be dropping the old content for me. I looked around trying to figure out if I could partition things off in the drobo like this becasue I was worried about problems like this but I didn’t really know how to do it like the article shows.
Thank you thank you thank you! I’m glad to hear my drobo is probably working properly. It’s been a long struggle and running out of chipper steam ha ha! I guess it’s just too bad the help center doesn’t seem to know what they are doing.
Again thanks so much!

Glad that helped you out.

Honestly, I have never used Support. I always come here first. :smiley:


Ha ha gosh thanks. Ya I could have saved myself a ton of pain ha ha! Last time it worked was 202 days ago according to my timemachine ha ha! 8 months ago is probably when I bought the thing ha ha!

We are sorry for the issue you experienced. As McGriffin34 explained Time Machine does fill up the Drobo volume. We do recommend using the Backup Volume feature built into the Drobo Dashboard as this allows you to create a fixed volume size. Would you let me know if you have any other questions, I would also like to know your support incident number - would you direct message that to me.