Help! Drobo Dashboard cannot find my Drobo

Hello - this has been happening for the past year and I’ve been too busy to try figure it out. I was hoping some Drobo Dashboard update would fix it but no luck. I’m on 2.7 and I’m trying with a Win10 and Mac Yosemite and no luck.

I’d like to try connecting via IP - does anyone know what the default IP address is or how I can find out what the IP address is of my Drobo?

Also, I’ve been reading posts on the pin reset but it looks like that will lose the data. Is that true?


If you log in to your internet router (or similar) it should show you a list of all “attached devices” , i.e. the names and IP addresses of all the device it has handed out IP addresses to. You should be able to see what IP it has given your drobo in there.

Yes, I think the pinhole does wipe the drobo N

**YES all PIN-HOLE or Dashboard RESET will reset the Drobo to factory default setting. IT ALSO WILL WIPE AND REFORMAT ALL THR DRIVES.

By default Drobo 5N. FS or B800fs, B810N are on DHCP. Meaning these Drobos will obtain an IP automatically from your home router or office DHCP server.

Drobo Dashboard installed on PC or Mac should be able to auto detect the Drobo on the LAN, but they have to be on the same subnet. So if the PC/Mac is not on the same subnet as the Drobo 5N/FS etc… then it will not able to detect it.

And IF you have manually set the Drobo to a STATIC IP, … make sure that this Static IP is OUT of the serving range of the DHCP server. If NOT, a conflict IP might happen meaning the DHCP may serves the SAME IP to another DHCP client.

Other reason why Dashboard not detecting is that Dashboard related programs are blocked by OS firewire or some 3rd party security programs.

3rd Party Firewalls and Anti-Virus programs can sometimes interfere with the Drobo Dashboard, try disabling to determine if this is the issue.

For Windows:

Open Windows Firewall.
Click on “Allow a program or a feature through Windows Firewall.”
Select Drobo Dashboard and Drobo Dashboard service and select allow for both Private and Public networks.
Click OK.

Windows: Stop and Restart Drobo Dashboard Services ( Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Drobo Dashboard >

For Mac:

Go to “System Preferences” and open “Security & Privacy.”
Click on the lock symbol in lower-left and prepare to login.
Click on “Firewall”, then “Advanced” (lower-right).
Highlight each application above (e.g. DDService64d) and choose “allow incoming connections.”
Once complete, click “OK”, then the lock symbol.
Close, then restart the Drobo Dashboard.



When a Drobo FS/5N/B800FS/B810N is directly connect to a PC or Mac without any router in between, make sure the following:

  1. The PC or Mac Ethernet port (network port) is set to DHCP, and DROBO is also on DHCP.
  • In this case, using a normal network cable connect the both directly. Both devices will negotiate a Private IP to comms each other. And Dashboard will detect the Drobo.
  1. If the Drobo is set to a specific IP (e.g., and is directly connected to a Mac or PC. Then you have to manually set the MAC or PC ethernet port (network port) to a static IP that match the Drobo’s subnet. In this case, example 192.168.20.x.