Help - all lights flashing Y/G & Dashboard can't see Drobo


Today all the lights on my drobo FW are flashing yellow/green and Dashboard cannot see the drive. Tried quitting and restarting Dashboard, and rebooting my Mac, still nothing. Disk Utility cannot see it either. Before reboot the drobo appeared as a mounted volume in Finder, but trying to access it caused Finder to hang.

It looks like its doing a rebuild, but there is zero sound coming from the drobo. Even with my ear on the drive and everything else turned off there is nothing to hear.

No fan, no drive activity. Drives are warm, not hot.

Also, the green activity LED is lit solidly, not flashing.

After scouring threads on here I discovered that no sound is not right and the Drobo probably crashed. So I pulled the power rebooted without the diskpack and the Drobo was recognised. Dowloaded the diags then rebooted with the diskpack back in. This is what happened:

Drobo boots fine, ah a red disk #2.
I go to buy a new drive and Dashboard posts a notification that its relaying out data.
All drives are now flashing orange/green.
2mins later all drives are green.


Do I have a defective drive or not?[hr]
OK this is weird! I’m checking the folders on the drive which also contain two big backups from CCC, one a nightly projects BKP the other a weekly system BKP. The drobo has been ‘hung’ for a few days now yet Finder is saying that those two backup files were modified last night???

How is this possible? The Finder nor Dashboard can even see the drobo, and it appears completely frozen, yet last night CCC seemed to have backed up to it… twice.

I’m very confused.