help! 1.8.3 update of drobo dashboard disables admin login


I just updated my drobo dashboard to the latest 1.8.3 update and when i restarted my computer and tried to login with my admin password and username it connects briefly but before it displays the share, dashboard logs me out.

i cant login to dashboard on the updated software but on another mac on the network running 1.7.3 i can still login.

any fix for this?

I’m running 1.8.3 as well with no issue, although it should be noted that 1.8.3 has not been released for the DroboFS. I’m pretty sure 1.7.x is the latest official release for our Drobo’s (it would help if DRI bothered with up-to-date release notes).

according to this help topic installing 1.8.3 for FS is recommended to get around access privilege issues


Interesting. In that case, they really need to push this out to everyone running 1.7.x. I loaded it hoping it would help with other issues (it didn’t), and kept it because it didn’t seem to harm anything either.

Honestly, I don’t know why Drobo Dashboard is necessary - We’re mounting the Drobo over standard network protocols, so it’s not required to access the data. For configuration, it should just be an app and nothing more - but it’s much more than that, encompassing startup items, menubar items, etc. Of course in my fevered imagination, it would be a web interface on the FS itself and there’d be nothing on my client computer whatsoever - you know, like a NAS is supposed to work…

Please open a support ticket.