HDD Maintenance after being used in Drobo?

Hello. I have an interesting question. I have two Seagate 1.5tb hard drives in my drobo at the moment, and will soon add a third. The problem is I did not check the firmware of the two drives before putting them into the drobo to make sure they weren’t the bad version that came out a year ago. Also, I did not run a usual Spinrite check on them before installation.

My question is can I place the two drives I have now into a Windows machine and do any regular maintenance on them? What are the consequences if I load up a Windows OS on them? Would it damage the file system, or would they be unrecognizable in Windows? After finishing, could I place them back into the drobo unharmed?

Your PC will NOT recognize drobos internall file system - it will show up as unallocated disk spece.

Making any write operation to that HDD can damage your data.

Would it really show up as unallocated disk space, or just an unknown partition? In either case, it doesn’t sound like I could write to the drive from Windows or any other OS. I suppose Spinrite itself would be fine, because it looks at the raw bytes on the sectors and doesn’t care about file systems.

There is no partition table (MBR or GUID) on drobo disks, therefore drobo drives show up as unallocated space.

drobo uses proprietary system for managing drives.