HD insert / remove / insert again (reformats?)

Hello all,

I still haven’t got my Drobo yet - so I can’t test this…

If I insert a HD, it gets formatted, I start using, lots of files etc etc etc. Ok.

Then if I decide to REMOVE that HD for safekeeping on flight (travel to another location, Drobo is too big to take as hand luggage) and I don’t want the HDs to swing all over the place as normal luggage. :slight_smile: So, I’d take them out and carry with me. When I insert them AGAIN, will they be REformatted ?? I hope not…


You’ll be fine as long as you always treat the whole diskpack as a unit, i.e. always take HDDs out and back in all at once (while the Drobo is off). You don’t even have to care about which drive goes to which bay as Drobo will figure them out automatically.

Well, thanks then! :slight_smile: