HD compatibility for B800i


I’m trying to re-purpose an older 800i. I put in 4 WD Black 4TB drives and I’m getting an error saying the discs are incompatible with the firmware. I’m on the most recent firmware, 2.0.6. What drives are compatible? I’ve read this and i’m not sure why the blacks wouldn’t work:


Any help would be much appreciated.


Does anyone know where i can find older version of the firmware?


hi andcbii, theres a link for the firmwares here if you need
(you might need to go up a folder to swap o/s if you need particular files or dashboards too)

if the 4TB drives were already having a diskpack, you might need to do a full reset or reformat on them (but Only if you do not need anything on those drives)


Full reset did the job.


ah am glad to hear, thanks for the update andcbii :slight_smile: