Having trouble putting drobo to standby


I have 2nd gen drobo (FW 1.3.5) connected via USB 2.0 to Windows Vista Home Premium x64 PC.

When I want to put my drobo to standby then very frequently I get a message that drobo is being used and therefor can’t be put to standby.

Even if I close all applications drobo is still reported as being in use.

When I look in my Resource monitor I see that System process is using my drobo (drive O:).

The only way I can put my drobo to standby is to shutdown my host PC.

Does anyone has an advise how to properly put drobo to standby in this situation without shutting down host PC?

sounds like a Vista issue – its reporting the Drobo is in use. Surely you don’t think Drobo controls that, do you?

Of course I know it’s a Vista issue! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondered if anyone can help…

So this is after closing Drobo Dashboard?

Check if the Indexing Service is indexing your Drobo.

If closing the Dashboard fixes it, you might want to look into Hibernate Trigger or something similar to kill/restart the Dashboard before hibernation/standby and after resume.