Having problems configuring email alerts.

cool locksoft

Update: Last night I switched from Ext2 to Ext4, so I reinitialized my 5N.
After that I wasn’t able to configure email anymore, even using the same, identical configuration.

Drobo guys, this is something you should indeed improve!

I can’t seem to configure either gmail or hotmail to send alerts on my drobo 5N2 with dashboard 3.5 or something. Anybody else?

This worked for me on my old Drobo FS, which I just set up an email alert for. Port 587 at smtp.gmail.com and to and from same gmail address. Use full email address for to, from and username and check authentication and use ssl. Set up the gmail app specific password in gmail security settings and used that password in drobo settings. I do have 2FA set up in gmail. Works like a charm now!

After trying lots of variations of settings I finally got mine to work.

I use a SMPT service for me email server.
I had to use the 2nd TLS port address option 587.
I had to enable authentication and enter my email server SMPT name/password credentials
I had to uncheck ‘use SSL’

I was having issues with my 5N sending a test email from both “Dashboard Preferences/Drobo Dashboard Email Alerts” and “Drobo Settings/Alerts”. I have my own shared hosting account with dreamhost.com for POP & SMTP, so the issue isn’t limited to just GMail connections.

My server’s SMTP settings are supposed to be set to port 465, authentication (username/password) & check SSL. That works perfectly fine with other email-capable servers I use but not with Drobo. Following what @droboisntworking said above, I switched from port 465 to 587, even though my hosting company doesn’t list that as an option, and now both of the email areas work fine (at least the test emails were received).

Any time I try using port 465, it times out in the Dashboard Preferences area and says, “Interrupted” in the Drobo Settings area.