Have DroboApps been abandoned??

I just curious if Drobo Apps have basically become abandoned?

I have not seen any new apps added in a LONG time. Are apps something that drobo has just stop working to add more?

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I know there is 3rd party development… But, i’m curious to know if Drobo has stopped development.

I’m pretty sure it has not been abandoned. I have been exchanging emails with Drobo employees and DroboApp development is actually picking up speed.

I want to believe you Ricardo, but really it is not apparent from a user point of view.

I am seriously thinking about a Synology NAS. They are probably more expensive for 4-5 bays units, but they look to have more features and “apps” available for them.

Same with Ricardo, I believe DroboApps are still in “development” and Drobo will continue to support them.

Why I wrote “development”, is that actually Drobo “does not” develop these apps. Most or all DroboApps are developed by 3rd parties, Drobo Dashboard currently only integrated some of these Apps directly into the Dashboard for ease of install and it takes awhile for Drobo to update these list.

For example:
a) Droboports - has many DroboApps that are not listed on Drobo Dashboard
b) Plex.tv - Plex server for Drobo 5N

  • On PLex official website, there is a very up-to-date Plex DroboApps for 5N
  • But current Drobo Dashboard only listing the older version.

hi don, it might possibly be that they drobo dashboard links to one that they linked manually, and that someone has to manually update it to point to the new one? (or maybe the older one is most compatible - but probably the former)


I can’t speak for other DroboApps or if any version of a DroboApps that is NOT listed by Drobo Dashboard is not fully compatible with Drobo 5N.

Personally, I have installed Plex PMS into my Drobo 5N using the package from Plex.tv directly. So far so good. Being using it without any issue. The ONLY downside to this, is that Drobo Dashboard will prompt that Plex has an updated in the listing. It I click on update in the Dashboard, it will revert back to the “Drobo” Plex Version and over-write the latest version which I installed manually.

ok thanks for the info don