Has anyone tried x-compiling for DroboFS with ScratchBox2?

I am being told x-compiling with Scratchbox makes things a lot easier. Has anyone had experience with this?

Scratchbox is a cross-compilation toolkit designed to make embedded Linux application development easier. It also provides a full set of tools to integrate and cross-compile an entire Linux distribution. To find out what it can do, take a look at some of the documentation.

And it appears somebody did it successfully on a Drobo Share.

The interesting thing for me is this (from the scratchbox website):

“Uses either QEMU or a real target hardware to execute cross-compiled binaries (extremely useful when cross-compiling software which uses autoconf & co.)”

That would make things soo much easier. Right now I have to comment all kinds of tests to make sure stuff compiles.

But I think the end goal would be to port the compiler itself to the Drobo, making it much easier to just compile everything directly on the Drobo. It might take forever to compile stuff on the ARM CPU, but at least we would be able to easily compile stuff.