hard synching office Drobo with home drobo

I have a FW800 DROBO backup system in my office and would like it to be backed up to a FW 800 DROBO I have at my home. I dont want to sync over a network as it’ll take too long with the amount of data (50GB a week).
Is it possible to take a “snapshot” of my office DROBO on a monday, then compare it to a snapshot to the DROBO on a friday, then get the changed files in an archive folder. I’d then take that archive folder home with me on a portable drive and put it on the homo drobo manually.
Is this possible? are there any programs such as Chronosync that would be able to help me with that?

The other option would to manually bring the home drobo to the office and sync it weekly via chronosyc, but i’d rather not have to carry it back and form

You could use some command line stuff to do this. You could use “find” with some appropriate options to figure out which files have modification or creation dates that are newer than the last time you did the “sync”. The script could then copy those files onto a USB hard drive, which you could take home and use another script (probably with rsync) to “merge” these files into your home copy.

To be honest I’d probably do it overnight on the network when no-one else is using it. It would be less error-prone and you would never forget to do it, or run out of time and skip it one week.

Assuming your data is generated evenly across the week at 10GBytes/day, 3Mbit/s upload bandwidth at work and download bandwidth at home would get it done in 8 hours a day each workday, less if you turned on compression on the rsync. That’s fairly easy to script, I do something similar with a bit less data to back up my music and photos to work, using an rsync over ssh that connects from a work Linux machine to my house every night to pull new/changed files.

Let me know if you want any help scripting either option. I have the one I use already, and the first one could be fun to put together on a weekend when my wife is at work and I’m at a loose end.

thanks for your feedback. Sadly the data is not even across the week, I am a photographer, so on a shoot day I could have 30 gigs to add. It sounds like that doing it over a network will be the easiest/safest.

is rsync a program or are there other programs to use to sync up the drobos?

The reason I suggested rsync (which is a comand-line tool, best used from scripts) is that it can do the network stuff very easily. From a quick read of the web page Chronosync can only reach across the internet with the help of MobileMe (and who knows what will happen to that in the great move to iCloud). Drobo provide DroboCopy but so many people seem to have issues that I wouldn’t use it even if it was capable, which I don’t think it is.

This might be a good solution: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/

I haven’t used it myself, but it has some good features. With this you could potentially add photos to your storage either at home or at work, and the other Drobo would get synced automatically. Maybe someone else here has used it?

To get either rsync or Unison to work across the internet you need to forward one port on either or both of your Macs through your router(s). If you use rsync you can set the script up so the your home Mac tries to pull the data from your work Mac, so you would forward the port on your work router. If that’s not possible then you could push the data from work to home, and you would forward the port on your home Mac. Unison may want both ends forwarded, I’m not sure.

hi adam just some thoughts…

if you do a shoot, and you save all the data to your work drobo from your camera
how easy is it for you to bring the camara memory home with you and copy it there too?

if it s very important stuff, and if youre able to, id probably do that too

might be worth also looking into a mozy network backup feature, or syncback (which is very good, just make sure you spent time to understand the program with a copy of some data and what it will do before you use it on proper data)

i use syncback to effectiively mirror my v1 into the v2 drobo (minus a few system folders etc), (both are local)
and then i use mozy online feature to backup special folders as an extra.

(future plan is to have a 3rd drobo offsite but that is still in the works)[hr]
btw you might want to edit your first post - unless you meant to say “homo drobo”? :smiley: