Hard drives always in use?

I searched the boards but couldn’t find anybody with the same query.

My Drobo has 2 WD 500g and 2 WD 1tera drives in it. Drobo seems to always be working, always sounds like the drives are being written to, sounds like the heads are in constant motion.

I don’t remember this being the case when I just got it, although that has been a year or so ago. Is this normal or am I being paranoid?


Probably paranoid. Or at least mine do the same.

I’ve had my Drobo for a couple weeks and I sometimes catch it doing that. I don’t really think much of it, as its probably just doing some cleanup or something, or Windows doing work on it. But it would be nice to hear someone from DR explain what’s causing that.

It seems like when I delete a few GB of files from my Drobo, it will go to work, like it’s defragging itself, even when Im not accessing it at all.

What is it connected to? Are there and programs that could be reading it? How much data is on it?