Hard drive reliability

i like the second page, seagate’s failure rate is twice as high as their market share.

this is why i wont allow seagates in my house.

Wow. Great article!

My previous NAS was using a Seagate drive, which is the reason I now have a Drobo.

Wasn’t able to recover anything after about a year of use, will be staying away from them in the future.

Funny thing is, a handful of years ago, I said that about Western Digital. Seems the pendulum has swung the other way now.

I haven’t alot of experience with hard drives, but I have been satisfied with Seagate. Currently, I have a mix of two Seagate and 2 Hitachi in my Drobo. I also use multiple external Seagate hard drives.
I can’t say that supplied link is thoroughly convincing, as the statistics are only as valid as the source that provides them. This is from data recovery company. While I don’t think they are necessarily false conclusions that they provide, I would put much stock in their conclusions.

The data could be construed to say that Seagate has done a better job convincing people that their drives are reliable, therefore people with valuable data are doing less backups, but people using WD or Hitachi do more backups and require less recovery services for their crashed hard drives.
Thanks for the link, either way.