Hard Drive Failure

One of the hard drives (Western digital 2 TB Green) failed on my Drobo. All other drives are blinking “Orange/Green”. The Failed drive is blinking “RED". I have ordered a new drive and waiting its arrivals.

When I shut down my computer, Drobo does not go into standby mode but continues flashing. To change the drive I believe I have to shut Drobo down. Do I just pull the plug while it is blinking? Do I keep the Drobo blinking until the new drive arrives and then swap the drives while it is blinking?

Please advice - Thank you

even though drobo has a failed drive - you have enough free space that it can rebuild into a “safe” state on your remaining 3 drives - that is what it is doing now

drobo will not go into standby while it is rebuilding (flashing orange and green)

this also means that you dont actually need to replace the 4th drive - you can simply remove it

also - you do not need to shutdown drobo to add or remove disks - you can quite happily do that while it is on… HOWEVER:

DO NOT remove any drives while drobo is flashing yellow and green though (in theory you can remove the flashing red one - its only the yellow/green ones you cant remove - but its probably best to be safe)

hope that helps

Thanks Docchris for quick response. It has been 48 hrs since the flashing started. Seems kind of a long time, do you recommend waiting longer and it would eventually stop flashing?

48-72 hours is about typical

use drobo dashboard to look and see what your drobo is doing

it should tell you that it is rebuilding and also how far along it is - it will also give you a (not very reliable) estimate of time remaining

Sarfania, how much data do you have on the Drobo? And what size drives are left in the array?

When I upgraded a couple drives with 3TB of data each drive required 64 hours or so of relay work. A contraction may take longer.

Drobo dashboard says Data Protection is in process…and the progress bar is saying approx. 1 hrs remaining. So sounds as it is normal. I’ll Waite to see when it finishes. Thanks for pointing me to the right direction

well that is very good news - that means it is almost done rebuilding onto your remaining 3 disks

that means you dont need to add a 4th drive unless you want t / until you start to run out of space

also when you do add a drive there will be no rebuild and the space will be instantly available :slight_smile:

good work - please post your updates sarfania to let us know how things finished.

(btw docchris, isnt your Panther Chameleon passed away by now? :smiley: - just kidding.

The rebuild is now complete, (I had also started another backup copy just in case - it is done), new replacement drive arrived, I inserted it and is as goog as before. I am impressed with Drobobo now.

Thanks all for your help.

glad to hear it worked out!

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