Hard Drive failure, but replacement not detected?

I rebooted one of my two Drobo FS units today. This one has 4x2TB drives. After rebooting it reported a hard drive failure “Red Alert. Drobo detected a hard drive failure. Replace the hard drive indicated by the blinking red light.” I removed the drive and re-instered a 1TB drive. The other three Drobo LEDs are blinking yellow and green. The dashboard reports approx. 30 hours remaining for the rebuild. However, even with the new drive inserted, the LED for that bay is blank. So I am wondering why I was instructed to replace the failed hard drive. Should I have waited for the rebuild to complete before replacing the drive? Shouldn’t the LED indicate that a drive was inserted? The dashboard still shows that bay as “Empty”.


hi gary, was it the same drive that you took out, which you re-inserted?

one of the ways to success with drobo is a bit of a patience game…
if something is blinking lights, i wouldnt try doing anything yet…
eg dont power off or unplug anything else -

(im not expert on drobo fs, but just let it run its course at the moment until you can gather more info and input from suppport or users here before trying to change something while its blinking etc .)