Hanging on POST if drobo is plugged by USB


I just switched from FireWire to USB (because after exiting the screensaver, the drobo doesn’t open again.)… but it’s now worst.

When I rebooted the computer, the POST hang on USB, saying something like:

Detecting USB device…
Device #00x: USB Mass Storage …

And it hang there for hours.
I must unplug the USB cable, boot the computer, then replug the drobo USB cable.

In your BIOS boot settings, disable “Boot Other Devices” and in the Boot Order/Hard Disks section, make sure your local system drive is listed first.

But the Drobo should not be a bootable device.
I only have files, no OS installed.

Just because it’s not actually bootable, doesn’t mean the system won’t try to boot from it, which can sometimes cause hangs (on my desktop, it hangs if I try to boot from one of my add-in cards).

You can also try changing the “legacy USB” setting. I know I had similar problems (hanged at windows startup screen), and changing the “legacy USB” setting in BIOS fixed my problem.