If your Drobo is powering off mysteriously (like mine is) after the firmware upgrade, check your log file:
instructions here http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=78

and you might see what I see - the Drobo thinks its too hot:

Mine is not powering off, but I think I have a similar, if milder, problem because the fan starts even thou the Drobo is idle and the drives are VERY cool (room temperature below 25°C).
Drobo says they are at 45°C or below, but touching them it is hard to believe they are above 30°C.
The questions are :

  1. how reliable are the temperature sensors in different disks of different brand (I have 2 WD WD20EADS-00R6B0 and 2 Samsungs HD103UI, the WD report 8°C more than the Samsung when idle, and it is hard to believe)
  2. does Drobo do any “adjustment” for those temperatures, or have the thresholds being modified in 1.3.5

Mine never behaved this way pre 1.3.5 - I’ve heard my fans come on full blast with 1.3.5 and never before the upgrade.

I think I’m going to hold off upgrade then.

I discovered that my fan was dead. I’ve replaced it with a super quiet Noctua fan and all is well again. It took 20 min to do the swap out. You’ll need to peel off the warranty-void sticker, so its probably something you’ll only want to do if your Drobo is out of warranty.

Mine just over heated. It’s in a cool spot and it’s the fall (not hot at all). I can’t connect my Drobo Dashboard to it to get any diagnostics (although it worked a week ago - not sure what’s up there - I’m running Snow Leopard but I was running that a week ago).

I hope it’s just a firmware issue where they pulled the fan back too much to limit noise. I’d rather have a louder fan and a working Drobo.

Brad - is your fan actually working? It should be on when you power cycle it.

Yes. I did power-cycle and the fan is cycling on/off as I use the device. It hasn’t over-heated again, yet.

My Drobo V2 does start its fan up too even when the drives are stopped. In fact it does it a litle more often and for longer periods than I’d like to - generally the fan is on more of the time than it’s off. But in this discussion we should be aware that the sensors built in the drives are most certainly not the only source of the temperature reading for Drobo. There are at least two thermistors soldered right on the backplate to which the drives are connecting. I saw them when peeked through the empty drive slot. Maybe in case of some drives they happen to be too close to some heat-generating element on the drive’s PCB. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more - on the CPU or power stabilizers for example. We don’t know how the “thermostat” routine is implemented in firmware exactly and what prioritizing/weighting it applies.

I have a Drobo V2 (probably should have mentioned that earlier).

After I power-cycled yesterday I ran it straight from my Macbook (firewire) for the day and did things and it didn’t complain. I then hooked it back to my Time Capsule to act as a NAS so we’ll see where it goes from there. Perhaps it was just a fluke. I’d prefer it if it would just hit the fan before overheating, though. I never heard the fan spin up (noticably - like a ‘OMG dump all the heat’ moment). The fan works, though.

I’ve just watched it (and listened to) more closely and seems it’s better than before as it got a little colder in the room.

I’m wondering if my problem really is an overheat condition.

I’ve been using the Drobo hooked up to my Mac via firewire for a good week plus doing video transcoding. No problems. I take the thing and hook it back up to my time capsule to act as a NAS and in less than a day I get the everything stops / orange light (overtemp) problem.

Now, where my Time Capsule is located is out in the open. It’s not locked away in a box anywhere where heat would build up.

I think the next step would be to bring the Time Capsule over to where the drobo was sitting for a week and see if it overheats in that situation (thus eliminating the location and pointing the finger more at the Time Capsule / USB connection configuration).

Orange light means standby state, for overheat it lights red.