Green/Yellow Lights Data at Risk issue

I have the original Drobo. I’ve recently been having problems with connecting it to my Airport Extreme and accessing it over the network. I’m still unsure if that issue is resolved.

However, my current issue is that the device is in a state where it’s rebuilding the data protection (currently 73 hours remaining according to Dashboard). I’m not sure what the issue is here, I haven’t removed or replaced any drives lately, though I have powercycled it several times over the past few days.

I can still access the data (now currently directly connected to a computer), though the problem of the Drobo entering this state is troubling. What are the potential causes of this? Should I expect it to work properly in 3 days?

Wait the 3 days (because generating the log file will restart relayout), then when it’s green, submit your diagnostic log to DRI and ask them to determine the cause. You might have a drive that’s in a funny state.

you should also unplug it from the airport.

First of all because using it connected to an Extreme is a bad idea at all (no dashboard support, poor performence and you are in the situation that it is always “Apples problem” not DRIs).

Secondly if you access the files on the drobo it will massively slow down the relayout process. A relayout with 3 TB on it could take 73 hours (that is my experience) even if it is not connected to something else then power.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to connect it to my network. I like being able to access my files on the network, and I’d like to avoid the cost of a DroboShare, so the Extreme seems to be the best solution. I have it formatted as HFS+, so I can’t natively read the files on my Windows 7 desktop.

The estimate for the relayout was reduced earlier, so hopefully it’ll be protected late tomorrow.

Aside from the stated disadvantages compared to DroboShare, there’s nothing inherently wrong with using the Extreme to share it. However, during the relayout process I definitely would disconnect it from the Extreme to ensure the quickest relayout and therefore quickest time to being fault-tolerant again.