Green Orange blinking for 2 days now...

So I’ve got a v2 connected to a droboshare. I connect to it with a Mac only. It’s formatted with 2 partitions, each 2TB, ext3. I got a drobo dashboard notice that dataprotection was in progress over the weekend (this was during a pretty big file copy to the device). The file copy stopped, and I was left staring at the error. The droboshare responds to pings currently, but the dashboard does not see the drobo anymore…

I’ve got the blinking orange/green lights on all 4 drives and blue lights lit about half of them going from left to right. I tried going into the drobo with a FW800 cable but had no luck seeing it.

Is this a rebuild? How much longer should I wait for this thing? I had about 1.2TB used on it, and its current config is:

2x1.5TB and 2x500GB.

it is a rebuilding signal but it should be usable during this time - i.e. is should still be seen by droboshare, open a support case

thanks… I’ll do that. Curious, does the disk activity light blink during a rebuild? mine is completely off and I can’t tell if the disks are accessing. the fan seems to come on and off and the drives never spin down and are warm. seems to be doing something at least…

i dont thikn so

the disk activity light is more of a usb activity light - it only blinks when yours computer (or droboshare) is accessing drobo

Thanks a bunch, I confirmed that with support today. I opened a ticket they advised I wait a couple more days to see if it stops blinking. What sucks is the dashboard won’t connect to it no matter what I do… droboshare over the network, firewire or usb. I’m stuck just waiting I guess.

When my Drobo was rebuilding it was EXTREMELY slow to connect to Drobo Dashboard. It took almost 10 minutes for Drobo Dashboard to get a connection, even though I could see the Drobo.

Yeah… it’s gotten to the point where it won’t mount the drives anymore, I can’t see anything, even firewire’d into it. I’ll let it sit there for a while though thanks for the tip.

Interesting, I am having a similar problem.

I have a Mac Mini connected directly to a Drobo that houses my iTunes library, which in turn “feeds” a few Apple TVs at home. Tonight the performance dropped off to the point where I couldn’t even watch a video, so I decided to investigate.

I noticed in Drobo Dashboard that it said “Data protection in process”. I could still see the Drobo and files, but it was slooooow.

So, I decided to go ahead and apply a few updates I’ve been procrastinating on, un-mounted Drobo and away I went.

Now, Drobo Dashboard doesn’t see the Drobo, and I’ve got four green/orange flashing drives. System Profiler does see the Drobo, but it doesn’t see any volume on it (at the moment at least).

Since this is the “media hub” for my home, I would hate to lose it all, but I can’t help but wonder how long this will take to self-correct (if at all).

It really depends on how large your disks are. It could take up to 72 hours.

Up to 72 hours? I wish; last time I had to expand my Drobo to the maximum of 4x2TB drives, it spend over 2 weeks on the rebuild.

@OP: By the end it did finish, but alas it took a very long time.

it sounds like one of your drives is having problems. my 'pro took 5 days to rebuild, when i swapped out a drive that was having issues, it took about 36 hour to rebuild the next time.

send in your logs and see what DRi say

I have a Drobo v2 and it was filled with four 750gb drives. It was near capacity so I purchased two 2tb drives. I’ve put the first one in and originally still had access to the drives/data. After about 6-7 hours of it processing (giving completion of estimates anywhere from 57 to 138 hours!!!), I’ve now lost any access to the data.

When I tried to explorer to the drive it caused explorer to lock up and it was over an hour before I could even use my computer again. Then Drobo dashboard said it couldn’t find a Drobo. I re-launched Drobo Dashboard and it took 10-15 minutes before it appeared again. Now the progress indicator doesn’t show anything, though the data migration seems to still be going.

So I have no idea how much longer this will go on and I still have another 2tb drive to add.

Very, very disappointed with how long the migration process takes, the usability (or really, lack thereof), and the danger of losing the data during this extended period of time.

I’m a personal user in a home setting with personal data. If I were using this and having these issues in a business setting I’d get rid of this solution immediately. It’s disingenuous of Drobo to advertise how accessible and easy it is when the process takes this long and access to the data is flaky at best.

Reboot your computer. After rebooting, dashboard should connect and give you a time frame within 5-10 minutes.

I’ve rebooted and after 45 minutes it still just says In Progress with the progress bar at zero and no estimated time of completion.

Can you please open a support case.

Done. Question Reference #100211-000070[hr]
I must have offended it by logging a ticket. It’s now showing a status of approx 34 hours to complete. I’m afraid to try and access the data, though.

You can access the data, but to get maximum speed from the rebuild, I recommend you avoid accessing the Drobo if you can. In fact, if you can live without it, disconnect it from your computer. Rebuild is not dependent on computer/DroboShare connection.

So far the Drobo has spent 86 hours doing its re-layout. It still isn’t done and the last four times I’ve reconnected it to the computer the Drobo software doesn’t even detect it even after 30 minutes. I’ve rebooted, tried different USB ports, and tried re-launching the software.

Based on the last estimate I was able to get it should have been done 28 hours ago. It isn’t and who knows when it will finish. I just can’t wait until I can add the next 2tb drive and do this all over again!

This entire process has been one frustrating mess and far short of the advertised expectations an owner should have.

You can try this KB

My drobo informed me that I needed to replace a failing drive. Yesterday I picked one up and when I went to install it I notice that the PC had rebooted and the drobo was in a rebuilding state. Can I safely shut the unit down and put the new drive in? It is saying the rebuild process has about 78 hours left and I really don’t want to wait for it to complete just to have it start again when I put the new drive in.