going from 4 to 3 drives

Hi, I know one of my drives (in drive 2) of my drobo fw800 is starting to fail, but i dont need the space of 4 drives at the moment, and could do without sending the cash on a replacement so two questions.

Can i take out the defective drive and will the drobo sort itself out,

How do I know which is drive 2?

how do you know drive 2 is starting to fail?

as far as i know nowhere would drobo tell you this?

the drives are numbered from the top, 1 at the top, 4 at the bottom[hr]
oh and yes, if you pulled a drive - drobo would rebuild onto the remaining 3 as long as you have space

I did a diagnostic, which is resulting me (apparently) getting my Drobo replaced for the 2nd time and I sent it off to drobo who told me my drive 2 was bad.


well they should have told you how it numbers too then!

but yes, that 1 2 3 4 from top too bottom

Actually in the diagnostic files, the drives are numbered 0 to 3 from top to bottom. We should have told which drive with a serial number so you can make sure you are pulling the correct drive.

Can you please private message me your case number. Thank you.

sorry my bad! i did momentarily wonder if they started from zero, then thought, nawh, they wouldn’t be so tech-y…