going from 4 1tb to 4 2tb drives

What is the best way to go about doing this? With the drive on, just pull out 1 drive, insert the new 2tb drive, wait for it to finish doing it’s thing then rinse repeat?


yes, exactly :slight_smile:

if possible remember you should have your really critical data backed up elsewhere - once you pull one drive and put a new 2tb drive in - it will put additional strain on your remaining 3 drives while it is rebuilding back to a safe state, and until it has finished the rebuild you will not be protected against a drive failure.[hr]
In fact- if you have your 4 x 2 tb drives already - you could back up your drobo onto them - then as you pull the 1tb drives - move your backups across onto those and put the new empty 2tb drives into the drobo :slight_smile:

(obviously doing all of this one step at a time!)

Wow, fast reply - thanks!

I’ve had my drobo up and running as a media server for over a year and now my 8th dot lit up, so I figured I should expand before it’s too late. Ordered 4 Western Digital Green 2tb EARS drives, so I should swap everything out this week.

I’m not going to lie, swapping out harddrives while everything is still on scares the hell out of me! LOL!

Thanks though[hr]
Sorry to bother you again - was reading and now I’m a little confused.

I have my Drobo set up as 1 volume, 4tb since that was the harddrive space I had in the very beginning.

Since i’m going from 4tb to 8tb, is it going to create 2 volumes? Any way to maintain 1 volume?

Thanks again!

you can turn it off - change out a hard drive - turn it backon and it will boot, find the disk, and start the rebuild (but where is the fun in that)

its a dangerous game… having a media server… i started out like you… and now i’ve got a drobopro with 8 x 2TB drives and an EXTRA 2 x 2TB USB hard drives sitting on top of it because my drobopro is full!

Hello. DRI recommends that you turn off the Drobo, then replace all 4 1TB drives, insert the 4 2TB drives and turn the Drobo back on.

I found it in the knowledge base FAQ. :wink:

EDIT:Of course, this will delete all your data. Will you be changing the volume size from 4TB to 8TB? This would be a good time.
If you were only upgrading 1 disk from 1TB>2TB, then not much is needed. You can pull the drive with the Drobo on.

what!!! no…

that will set up a whole new disk pack! how will it get any data onto the new drives??? if you remove ALL of the drives, then it wont be able to rebuild onto the new drives.

@yoyoma, it depends if you want a brand new fresh disk pack with NO data on it, or if you are trying to move your data from the 4 x 1TB drives to the 4 x 2TB drives.

Wow is this taking a long time. 1st drive took about 36 hours or so. 2nd drive claims it will take 64 hours. Should I expect the 3rd and 4th drive to take as long?

Can I add/delete data while this is all going on?


You can add/change/etc data during the process, but the more you can leave Drobo alone, the faster it’ll finish. If you can, shut down the attached computer and disconnect the data cable. Drobo will continue rebuilding and does not require an attached computer.

I expect the 2nd drive will take about as long as the first, in my experience. The 64 hours may recalculate later to lower number.
I had 2x 1TB and 2x 1.5TBs. I upgrade the 1TB to 2TB disks, one at a time. The first disk I changed out was a 1TB > 2TB. This means my largest disk was no longer a 1.5TB. This changed the disk capacity of the Drobo, and also changed the dynamics of how the BeyondRAID would layout the 2.3TB of data t that I have. THis took around 36 hours.
Then, I changed out the 2nd disk another 1TB>2TB. This took about as long as the first, it definitely wasn’t longer.

It seems to take about as long to relayout the data amongst the disk as it does to re-load all the data from my separate external HDs, which contain the primary copies of my data.