globanSAN iSCSI initiator - some questions

after some month of not using my DroboPro (because of missing iSCSI drivers), i now have bought the globalSAN iSCSI initiator. I have some questions, maybe someone else is using that initiator with Drobo.

  1. The initiator warns that i should enable CRC error correction (data and header digest) on my drobo. But, i assume that i can ignore that, because such settings cannot be set by user, right?

  2. i use CarbonCopyCloner to backup my documents folder to Drobo. Regardless what settings i select for the in 1 mentioned error correction, CarbonCopyCloner always warns before the backup starts that Mac OS X reports a write or read error on my Drobo. Is it possible that CCC has problems with GlobalSAN iSCSI initiator in conjunction with Drobo? The same backup job to an iSCSI connected Synology does not gives this warning at the beginning.

  3. Dashboard is not recognizing my Drobo when Drobo is connected through iSCSI. Do i have to be concerned? My Drobo is completely configured, so i see no reason why i should have Dashboard running. I could connect by USB or FW if i need to change settings. Or is Dashboard mandatory if using 3rd Party iSCSI.



hi, im not sure about 1 and 3, but maybe you could try the following?

  • to connect up the drobo via usb, and to see if dashboard now sees it,
    and then to run a disk utility (or warrior) just in case it had any mac filesystem errors, which could be what your backup program was picking up?

(for example, on various windows, it can sometimes detect if the computer was not shutdown properly hard drive was not shut down properly, and prompt the user to tun a maintence utility such as scandisk or check disk)

this type of mac-equivalent check, may not fix it, but probably worth a try?