GlobalSAN and Drobo Dashboard

Dear Drobo-Team,

I am using a Drobo since its first iteration and am a loyal customer. My current setup is set up in the basement and connected via iSCSI to our home network. I got a new Mac Mini as server and after setting it up, I figured out that you no longer support iSCSI right out of the box. I read many threads about this - but as we cannot change this, I would like to get your help going forward.

To get my system going, I am using GlobalSAN, as it was $100 cheaper than your former bundled ATTO initiator. My impression from the net is, that more than half of your costumers decided the same way. It works - I can access my drives. But: I cannot see the status of my Drobo in Drobo Dashboard any longer.

Could you please help me any the many others out there in giving me advice, how to set up Drobo and GlobalSAN to communicate with each other? Or, if necessary, tweak Drobo Dashboard so this will work? As you are no longer tied to a single iSCSI initiator company, this would be a fair step for all your customers which you left in the open with your decision to drop the iSCSI initiator.

Thank you very much and a happy festive season to you,

Hello Phillip,
Would you email us at so we may further assist.

Thank You