Gigabit Speed

Hi folks.

I’ve read that the Drobo FS can operate at around 40mbs.

Does this mean there is no performance benefit for the FS utilising a Gigabit (1000mbs) connection over 10/100mbs?

In other words, is there any point in upgrading to a Gigabit router?

Thanx 4 looking.

The number you are looking at is 40MB/s, i.e. 40MBytes/s. 100BaseT has a theoretical maximum between 10MBytes/s and 12MBytes/s, so if the FS can really get to 40MBytes/s over Gigabit (theoretical maximum between 100MBytes/s and 120MBytes/s) then you should see 4x the performance on Gigabit versus 100BaseT.

Thanks for replying.

Because of the lower case letters I thought this says 40 megabits per second so 5 megaBytes. (8 bits = 1 Byte.)
A confirmation would be great.

Thanks again.

When I was using DroboShare, I saw an average of 11 MB/sec, bursting to 20 MB/sec and dropping to 5 MB/sec depending.

Sorry MB/s.

Typing fast, forget to capitalize sometimes.

That’s great news.


I get 30MB/s on a regular basis. Of course it depends on the type of file and whether you are reading or writing. Writing is slower (20MB/s). This is on a gigabit network.

The Drobo FS is really quite nice and simple and it’s fast.