Getting two volumes now?

Hey guys, I recently upgraded one of my drives from a 2tb to 10tb. Everything worked great, I must have selected something wrong. Now I have two volumes, both named drobo, and now two icons on my desktop. One is the original volume with all my data, which now has the icon of time machine, and the other a drobo icon with nothing in it. When I go to volumes, I cant delete the empty volume, suggestions?

Welcome to a little something called ‘thin-provisioning’.

What you’re seeing is normal. What happened is you added capacity which exceeded your set volume size, so Drobo created another volume for you to use.

The volume size is set when Drobo was first initialized, and cannot be changed unless you do a complete reset, which of course would also erase your data stored on it. Depending on which firmware version you are running, you can set a maximum 64 TB volume size.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, ever since I did this the drobo has gone haywire and now showing me a solid yellow poweR light only with fan running what does that mean ?

Maybe this can help…