Getting TM Off My Drobo FS?

I have pretty well given up on using a Mac with my Drobo at this point. I want to get my latest time machine backup off the Drobo so I can recover some files. I installed SL on an external disk ( a partition) and booted from that. Unfortunately I had upgraded the FS to the latest firmware and the Drobo FS was flakey with the TM partition and it would have taken years to get things off that. Using smb worked fine to the other shares.

Anyway, can this be done from a shell? To say I am discouraged with all of this is an understatement


You should be able to get Time Machine backups off the DroboFS using SMB, if you don’t mind pulling the entire backup file in one shot. On a network volume backups are stored on a sparse disk image, so you can copy that via SMB to a local disk and then you should be able to browse its contents using the “Browse Other Time Machine Disks” functionality (option-click the Time Machine menu extra).

Due to the disk image wrapper, the shell won’t help this time. That’s probably the only reason I don’t wrap all of my AFP stuff into a disk image - I still want access to files from the shell. :frowning: