Getting this to work with 8TB

So I have 5 green WD 2TB drives in the Drobo S. Before purchasing the Drobo i explicitly asked the sales rep if it worked with linux for an 10TB. He said all I had to do was fill it with drives and plug it in and format to an ext3 file system. When I found out i needed to do GPT that was fine. I cannot get this thing to see over 2199GB. I need it to see the 7.6 or what ever available space there is for 5 2TB drives. I phoned technical support and get told that there is no over the phone/email linux support. You go through the manual to find out that it is in beta.

I am using CentOS. I just want the drive to have 1 big partition. Thats it. The over the phone technical support sent me here.

assuming that it does thin provisioning for linux (as it does for ntfs and hfs) then it doenst matter what drives you have in it - you just want it to see the full size of the volume you have formatte don it.

i know ther ewas an issue where volumes over 2tb were not supported - i do know know if this has change (jennifer?)

so you may be limited to having multiple 2tb volumes on it.

with single disk redundancy and 5 x 2tb drives - you would have four 2Tb volumes to take advantage of your full capacity

On the knowledge base it says 8tb is supported by the drobo s and 2tb for ver 1 and 2

1st and 2nd Generation Drobo: up to 2TB
Drobo S: up to 8TB
DroboPro: up to 8TB (requires firmware version 1.1.4 or later)
DroboElite: up to 8TB


I am using eSata. I want to format the available space to the 8tb partition size. please tell me how to do this.

On linux?

Does you eSATA card support volumes larger than 2TB?

I am using the onboard sata connected to esata. so yes. though i think my problem was not formating while connected to a windows machine. i am attempting that now

Unfortunately I cannot walk thru setting it up Linux.
You can follow the directions on the KB.

If you have it connected to a windows machine, your only options with formatting on windows is NTFS and FAT32.

I got it now. I had to format as ntfs which makes my 7.6tb partition. then in linux i just did mkfs.ext3 on that partition.

I’m having this same problem.

When you did this, did you wind up with an 8TB LUN?

The Windows Drobo app does not appear to give me a LUN option, whereas it appears as if the Linux drobo app (found here)doesn’t seem to realize that the new Drobo S units are capable of handling 8TB LUN’s on Linux.

I was going to do as you did, format it in Windows and then reformat it in Linux, but I am concerned I will wind up with a 16TB LUN if I do this. I have read that setting the LUN higher than recommended by Drobo can lead to instabilities and loss of data down the line. I definitely don’t want this.

Please let me know!


Never mind, I got it. When you click format, a dialogue box pops up asking what the LUN size should be. I chose 8. Once it is done, I will reboot and reformat in linux :slight_smile:

Wow. Formatting the 8TB (or 8.8TB according to Linux) logical partition as ext3 takes a really long time.

Maybe I should have plugged it in eSATA instead of USB2 first…