Get drobo to advertise Time machine share on bonjour

This is for mac users with a Drobo FS for time machine.

I did this as an experiment, log into your FS as root, and go to /etc/avahi/services/

Create a file adisk.service

[code]<?xml version="1.0" standalone='no'?>



_smb._tcp 445 _adisk._tcp 9 sys=waMA=00:1A:62:03:13:89 dk2=adVF=0x83,adVN=Time_Machine,adVU=956cf67c-f448-453f-9dec-dd17855ee076 [/code]

Change 00:1A:62:03:13:89 to your MAC address of your Drobo, and Time_Machine to your time machine share name. The 956cf67c-f448-453f-9dec-dd17855ee076 should be a UUID of the share/disk but I didn’t know it and it didn’t seem crucial.

Then you do /sbin/avahi-daemon -r
to restart the daemon.

In Time machine preferences when you select disk, you should see your drobo, listed as HOSTNAME-TimeMachine.

IE you don’t have to mount it for the first time.

To undo this, remove the adisk.service file and do /sbin/avahi-daemon -r

OK, continuing along, if you have droboadmin installed you can create a file


[code]<?xml version="1.0" standalone='no'?>

Drobo DroboApps Admin ## Name of the Bookmark _http._tcp 80 path=/droboadmin ## Path [/code]

Then run

/sbin/avahi-daemon -r

This will allow Safari on the mac to find droboadmin via bonjour.

If you use Firefox, you can use DNSSD plugin and if on windows you need bonjour for windows from apple.

This too is reversible, remove the file and rerun the command above to restore all as it was.

Ohhhh, I like this!

I just tried to do something a little bit different. Instead of putting the file in /etc, I placed it inside the droboadmin folder and soft-linked it to /etc/avahi/services. The best part is that it works even if the file is not called web.service. In fact, mine is called “droboadmin.service”.

This is very good for two reasons:

  1. /etc does not have a lot of free space, so it is best not to put stuff in there
  2. it seems possible to have several such files - I created one for droboadmin and another for proftpd

This may be the answer to get rid of the dreaded desktop configuration app. One of my concerns was that, if we did have a self contained webapp to manage the FS, then how would we find it? This solves that problem so elegantly I can’t really believe that DRI hasn’t used it themselves…

Edit: I’m seriously thinking about integrating this in all my droboapps that have a web interface… :slight_smile:

Hi guys, do you know if avahi is on DroboShare? That might give me reason to fire the thing back up, though I’d have to figure out how to run it with some storage other than an actual Drobo connected, as my Drobos are in use.

Well, if it offers TimeMachine support, then it must have avahi, since netatalk depends on it.

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I started this because I use time machine for backups, and I backup to 3 different destinations.
(Never trust a single backup) Of course that means I have to go into the time machine preferences panel
to change the destination often, and it was a pain not to see the drobo there in the list of available

If I could set up time machine to alternate different destinations that would be cool, perhaps some
applescript work is next on my to-do list. :slight_smile: