Gend 2 4 bay giving missleading error messages

SO my drobe has been vibrating a lot, as i had turned it off and moved house, and just thought it sounded louder in my new small house, then yesterday it tells me one of my drives has failed and to replace it so i took it out, thinking that would stop the noise, but it did not, now this morning its says that one of the other drives is there but empty and i have taken to many drives out, so i tried moving it, and it turns out that the “empty” drive is the noisy one.

I should say after the it told me about the drive failure it spent 20 odd hours doing data migration.

I tried moving it but if i put it the now empty slot it just says its empty, and i put the faulty one back in and it does not complain about it any more, it just says add more drives to many taken out, the problem is that, the one that is making a noise is 3tb and the one it said was faulty, was only 1tb i had two 3tb in and 2 1tb.

I am just wondering if put the drive in my, would i be able to see whats on it, or is it going to be in some special format that only the drobo can read?

The drives can only be read by Drobo unfortunately.

Is there any way to get my drives back from just the two working disks? as now none of my drive letters show, and just wants me to put the fault disks back in, but ofc that does nothing.

There’s a small hope, but either option is spendy:

Either: Pay a company that does data recovery, can handle Drobo disk packs, & hope.

Or: Buy a set of matching drives, use dd or (better) ddrescue in Linux to clone them one by one till you’ve done the entire set, & insert the “copied” pack, hopefully your Drobo can sort things out given healthy drives. You might get away with cloning just the ones you removed but that’s more taking a chance.

I suspect “or” is the first thing that expensive recovery company will do, alongside billing you specialist’s time, use of their equipment, & inflated prices for any drives that need replacing to get you a “healthy” pack.

Ideally you’d just supply it with healthy drives, factory reset & restore your backup, only I’m guessing you probably don’t have one.

will try the copy option got 3tb drive on the way but, going to take 2 weeks with lock down, no back up as the drobo was the back up, but tbh, most of it was old installs and 20 years of stuff, if i really wanted most of it could prob get it back, tbh most of my supper important stuff i have never trusted to the drobo cos of its ages, its really just been my bulk back up for large file types.

Sad if its gone, but not so sad i would be paying to have the disks fixed.