Gen2 stuck in perpetual data protection

I upgraded my geriatric but loyal Gen 2, in May, but since then it’s been stuck in data protection - no time given (real or estimated) just flashing orange and green lights.

I’m getting to the point of living with the fact I’m going to lose all my data from the past 9 years but I would hope that someone, anyone can offer any help.

I’ve been through the support website and done everything there. Even went so far as to buy DiskWarrior to try and rebuild it.

It won’t mount and now Diskwarrior won’t see it but Drobo Dashboard does.

If it’s gone to the digital happy-hunting-grounds, so be it, but I’d like to think there may well be a way to retrieve the data on it?

** a quick addendum to my earlier post**
Drobo Gen2 has now started to shut down and start up but goes straight to Data protection.
Using Mac OSX Mojave
Stuff from the dashboard:
Firmware: 1.4.2 [1.254.50341]
Used: 2.20 TB (81%)
Free: 520.65 GB (19%)
Max Capacity 8TB
other than the serial number, that’s about it

HELP. Please? Anyone?