Gen2 started having problems - is it just time?

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Almost a year ago, My Gen2, 4 slot Drobo started having troubles, though I didn’t know it at the time. It had gone into Data Protection several times, and eventually, in January, showed a bad drive. That drive was a 6 yr old 2TB, so, okay, it’s due. I replaced it with a new and 4TB drive. It rebuilds. All seems fine.

Then just less than a month later, another drive fails - also a rather old 2TB one. Odd, so close together, but I again take the opportunity to get a new/larger 6TB drive. It joins the happy group and I go on. But, keep seeing Data Protection to the point where I rarely see all green lights. Plenty of free space.

Then in May, the newest, 6TB drive fails (as reported by the Drobo red light). Starting to not be happy with the lack of any information other than working/failed - I’d like some data! But, it is under warranty, so I return (actually, it was, but WD said it was sold bulk, but I convinced Amazon to take it back.) I replace it with a Seagate Ironwolf 6TB. I keep having Data Protection problems and finally around late July, it goes into data protection, Drobo Dashboard can’t find anything and I wait and wait, for 2 months. Finally, I unplug it and replug it and it remounts and within a couple days, finished data protection, but almost immediately, goes back into it (same day). It recovers, but within days, the 6 TB drive starts flashing RED and Data Protection again. That clears and almost right away, another drive turns RED. No data protection because, not enough drives, so I just unplug it to stop the carnage.

So, is this just how Drobo eventually fails - it starts taking out all the data and drives? Or is maybe the power supply flaky and these are false failures? The lack of a LOG to tell me what has happened is disconcerting. I appreciate the intelligence built into this device, but having only “idiot lights” to communicate status to me is no good.

I have been considering a new 5N (or 2) so I could share it on the network, but I worry that my ability to see status on that would be even worse. Speed seems the other issue, but for backup that seems it would only affect the initial loading.

Comments or shared experiences anyone? I’m down to just my TImeMachine backup until I resolve this.

I think the Gen2 is running on borrowed time just due to age. Electronics don’t last forever. I still use my Gen2 at work as an offsite backup for my 5N2, and I have a 5N in the closet.

There are some drive makers who are now using SMR technology to increase capacity on hard drive platters, and SMR isn’t compatible with any RAID devices like Drobo due to poor behaviors which tend to be interpreted as drive failures. Perhaps you are using SMR drives and not even know it?

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Thanks. I certainly could be using SMR drives since I don’t know what they are. One of the drives I bought was for NAS, so I figured that would be a better quality. Guess I have some learning to do.
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