Gen2 migration questions

I have a Gen2 that is starting to act funny. I would rather replace it now rather than wait for it to die. I’m not sure which Drobo I should migrate to. Both the 4 bay and the 5D will work fine on my system (iMac 5K, El Cap).

If I migrate my disk pack to a 5D and then add a fifth drive, can I turn on the dual-drive redundancy, or does that have to be set up from a fresh disk pack? The user guide makes it sound like the feature can be turned off and on at will.

Are there any reasons to stick with a 4-bay Drobo if I am migrating from a 4-bay Drobo?

Any suggestions or guidelines would be appreciated!

hi, the gen2 should be able to upgrade to a 5d via the migration process, (which also gives you support help in case you get stuck), as shown here:

i think a 5d with DDR is better in the long run than a 4bay drobo, in terms of more usable slots, and dual drive redundancy is much better than sdr.

Does anybody know if you can migrate from a 2nd Gen 4-bay model to a 5n by just moving the drives over?

You cannot as the system formats are completely different.