Gen2 + M1 + Big Sur?

I’m trying to get my Gen2 to work on M1 with Big Sur via FireWire 800. I am able to get it to successfully mount with a USB-C to Thunderbolt + Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 adapter, but I’m experiencing kernel panics about once an hour.

Alternately connecting via USB 2.0 is reasonably fast, but the Drobo Dashboard cannot see the device and the icon shows as a generic, orange USB device.

Any ideas? (other than getting a new device…)

Hi dbills,

I have a Gen2 as well, connected by USB. Dashboard cannot see device but it is shown in Disk Utility. Also has orange color on desktop.

Did you find a solution to get Dashboard to recognize it?

I did get it recognized. Hard to tell if it was luck or a just a reboot. I’m now intermittently able to use the drive in Dashboard, but certainly not all the time. The icon sometimes returns to the “black drive” version and sometimes stays orange. It doesn’t appear that it needs to be black in order to work.

Honestly, I’m just glad the computer sees it at all as I use that drive to store all my network Time Machine sparsebundles.


This may be completely unrelated to your situation, but while using macOS Sierra, I upgraded one Drobo’s firmware to something later than 3.5.5. In doing that, the Drobo disappeared completely.

I thought I screwed up big time. Nothing I did (not that there was much I could do) let my Mac see that Drobo, though the other was OK.

But what the release notes didn’t say for that firmware upgrade is that it’s not supported in Sierra, and that I needed to upgrade to a later OS. My last ditch effort before throwing the Drobo into the swimming pool was to connect it to my MacBook running Big Sur. The Drobo mounted right away and I navigated through it as though nothing had happened. Then I connected it to me “Sierra” and it was AWOL again.

I’m thinking that your G2’s firmware and Big Sur just don’t play nice with each other. It’s hard to know if that Apple’s or Drobo’s fault. Maybe Monterey will fix that.

I’ve got a G2 that’s been offline for some reason, and once I start playing with it, it may just have to live with a Mac and older OS.

I have settled on using USB 2 for this drive and it has been remarkably stable ever since. I can see in both Drobo Dashboard and Disk Utility.

For Time Machine backups, I bought a portable 2TB SSD drive. Much quicker and potentially swappable for offsite backups.