Gen2 Drobo Data Protection


I know my unit is extremely old but it has held up pretty well over the years. The only reoccurring issue I seem to experience is whenever I power off the drobo for an extended period of time, and actually physically move the unit (not sure if this is relevant), data protection kicks in.

This only happens maybe once every year or two, but I’m curious as to what might be causing this issue or if there’s anything i can do to prevent it from happening in the future.

Again doesn’t seem to happen when the unit is stationary and constantly connected to power etc, which is the case 99% of the time.

Just curious, thanks in advance


Cold be a drive working loose. Make sure the drives are fully seated (push them in) before your power it back up.

IIRC, some Gen2’s had an issue with the actual backplane working loose with removal/reinsertion of drives.

If you are feeling bold, I believe you can tear it down, tighten the backplane screws and resolve (that) problem permanently.

hi, i was just wondering what happens if you had the unit powered off for the same duration, (but without touching or moving it at all) and then simply powering it back up - does it still go into data protection mode?

(if so, then maybe an algorithm is self checking the unit after a longer downtime, or possibly a drive is a bit slow to power up or boot up in some way, especially if the rebuild is a full rebuild, such as taking about 1day per 1TB of data that you have?)[hr]
btw mgriffin, thats good news about the backplane - as i thougt usually if the backplane breaks its not so good

Thank you for the tip. Should I just give each drive an extra push, or would you reseat each drive?[hr]

Great, is there any guide for this you know of? Or is it fairly simple?[hr]

Good question. I’m not sure but at this point I don’t want to go through another 10 day rebuild to find out :slight_smile: Appreciate the tip

It was a thread on this board many moons ago.

ok ryan, please let us know how things go…
i usually would power off, eject a drive (not completely, even just halfway is ok ,and then to firmly push it back into the slot with the ejector clip “helped” back into position, though dragon may have a particular method though)

Simply pressing them in should suffice, but it would not hurt to eject/reseat.

Thanks everyone!