Gen2 - Drive protection.. was working, now won't mount?


I replaced one drive which had failed on my Drobo Gen2. It then went into drive protection mode and was visible in the dashboard. 130hrs remaining went to 60hrs then it disconnected since last night and refuses to mount.

The lights are still flashing green/orange and the activity light is on constantly but it won’t mount after waiting for 10hrs.

Is this normal? Has it crashed?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

It takes roughly one day per TB of storage to finish protection. It may be too busy to respond to the dashboard or the OS. I’d say give it more time.

Thanks for the reply!

I have 3TB so I guess 3 days or something?

I’ll leave it for a while and see what happens.

So 17 days later and it’s still the same.

It won’t mount, the activity light is solid green constantly.
I can hear the drives working, sometimes the fan goes on.

Is this thing broken? For 3TB data I’m shocked this is taking so long.

If I turn off the drobo do I risk losing my data?