Gen1 Drobo to newest Drobo

I need to verify something before moving my disk pack. I don’t want to lose any of my precious data!

I would like to move my disk pack on my gen1 drobo (firmware 1.3.7) to my new drobo (firmware 3.1.0). My computer is a Mac running 10.9.3

First of all, can I do this?
Secondly, how do I?

From what I read, I just shut down both drobos and move the disk pack. Is that all? I thought I read a while ago that I wasn’t able to migrate to a new drobo, but that may have changed. I just really don’t want to lose my data.

Thank you for the assistance!

Yes you can… please see the following:

I read that, it doesn’t really answer the question. Step one is upgrade firmware. Well, my gen1 can’t upgrade the firmware.[hr]
One other question. When complete, will I have one drive or two on my desktop? Currently, I have two drives for my gen 1 drobo. (I have 3 1Tb drives and a 2 Tb drive installed.

As always, it is a good idea to back up your files when migrating. The chart says you can migrate from the Gen1 to the Gen3. I assume you cannot upgrade your firmware because you have the most recent firmware supported by the Gen1. If that is the case, then you should be able to just shut down and power off your Gen 1, then move the disk pack to the Gen 3 and turn it on… Again, I have to stress, it would be best for you to back up your files before you migrate just in case.

If you do get to back up your files, you would benefit from doing a “clean installation”. What I mean is that if possible, you should reformat the drives once they are in the new Gen3, then put your files back. By doing this, you would receive the full speed increase available when switching to the new Gen3. I did that and am seeing speeds of 123-140MB/s! On my Gen 2 I was only getting 20MB/s, and I am sure on your Gen1, it is even slower.

If you are still nervous about doing the migration, I suggest calling Drobo tech support - they are really helpful and since you have a new Gen3, they will gladly answer your questions.

Thank you.