Gen1 Drobo not detected after replacing failed drive

I had a Gen 1 Drobo with four 1TB drives. One of them failed. I replaced that drive with a 2TB drive. After adding the new drive, the Drobo began the process of re-protecting my data. This took about 60 hours and the files on the Drobo were accessible during the protection process.

Once the flashing green/orange lights stopped, I had 4 solid orange lights. The dashboard couldn’t see the Drobo. Windows Explorer could see the drive letter for the Drobo, and all the folders were visible, but no files were showing.

I’ve disconnected, turned off, rebooted both the computer and Drobo a few times trying to fix this. Each time, once the Drobo finishes turning on, I get a few seconds of 3 solid green lights and 1 solid red (the new 2TB drive), then the Drobo goes back into “data protection in process” while the lights blink green/orange again. The data is all available again during this time. It only lasts for a few minutes, then I get either 4 solid green or 4 solid orange lights, inaccessible files, and the dashboard doesn’t see the Drobo again.

Does anyone have any ideas what else I should do?

Well, after one more disconnect/reboot process, everything seems to be working. In case anyone has a similar problem, the order I did things on the last reboot was…

  1. shut down computer
  2. unplug Drobo (no power switch since it’s Gen1)
  3. wait a minute
  4. plug in Drobo
  5. turn on computer while Drobo is starting up

I did have another few minutes of data protection in process once everything was running, but once it was complete everything was working.

hi dudley, its good that everything is working fine again for you,
it could have been that data protection had not fully finished, or it could also be that one of the drives was also having some issues, from which it has recovered.

you might be on an older version dashboard? (maybe 1.7.3?) but can you see any other messages such as a warning or healed message in dashboard, and can i check what do all the drive slots show in both dashboard and the physical unit?
(are they all solid colours, ideally green?)

I know it’s been forever, I’ve hardly been on the computer in the last month, but thanks for replying. After things started working after that last disconnect & reboot, all 4 lights on the Drobo and in the dashboard are green. I didn’t see any warning (or any other kind of) messages in the dashboard.

Since you mentioned dashboard version, and since I can never find much information about it since I’m still using a Gen1… my firmware version is 1.3.7 and dashboard version is 1.8.4. I know there are newer versions of both, but I wasn’t sure if I should use them for a Gen1. I used to have a newer version of the dashboard, but it had stopped working and wouldn’t even open. I wanted to make sure I had a working dashboard before I put in the new drives I got recently, and it was a pain finding an older version of the dashboard. Since it’s working, and the later version I used to have had stopped working, I’m afraid to upgrade again.

Since I’m using a Gen1 Drobo, should I still be upgrading my dashboard to the newest version, or just stick with what works? I assume since the Gen1 Drobo isn’t supported anymore, maybe the newer versions of the dashboard don’t really work well with it.


thanks for the info dudley,

from an end user perspective, the expectation is that all dashboard versions should always support any drobo model before it, (especially for a das device with usb).

if all is working fine for you, and if you had problems in the past, then its probably best to keep to what you have and what works. (im still on firmware and dashboard v1.3.7 and v1.7.3) :slight_smile:
though if you did have to replace or upgrade a drive to a newer or larger one than you already have inside it, then having the latest versions could help (though backups are recommended before updating).