Gen 3 Warning

I have a Drobo Gen 3 with four 4 TB drives installed. Even though it’s working fine I am getting a “Warning” for one of the drives. What should I do about this? How can I identify what this “Warning” is all about. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

hi can i check what colours are showing on your drobo (and in dashboard) for those 4 drives?
are they all a solid green, but one of them is now a solid yellow, or a solid red?

(if yes, then it could just be that it is letting you know that you are filling up your drobo and when it goes to about 85% full, or 95% full, you get that yellow light or red light)

If you click on the drive bays within dashboard, is it here that a particular drive is showing a label message (like healed or warning)? If yes, then it could be that the particular drive encountered some problems (and that the drobo recovered from them, but it could be a sign of a drive starting to go bad.)

hopefully it will be the warning about using up a certain percentage of free space, but even if not, then if the drobo is still in a working and stable state, with all lights solid mostly green, then the usual process would be to eject the particular drive, (letting drobo and dashboard recognise this shortly after), and to then put in a replacement drive (where the drobo and dashboard should recognise this shortly after too).