gen 3 wants to create 16TB volume but i only have 8TB...

hey yall
when formatting my 4-bay drobo gen 3 through drobo dashboard it gives me one option, HFS+, since i am running osx. this is fine with me, but it states that it will create a 16TB volume but I have only installed 4x2TB drives. Now, in finder, the volume size is reading 17.59TB available.
How can I format this through drobo so that i can do a proper RAID or similar setup that reads my drives accurately?


This is how drobo works.

What you are seeing is normal.

What you are seeing is perfectly normal. This is because all DROBOs use a technology called Thin Provisioning, so it does not matter how big the logical volume is. Drobo will allow users to increase their capacity up to 16TB, especially with the 5 TB and 6 TB drives becoming more available this year. This is how DROBO is able to expand and increase the space on your volumes.