Gen 3 Not visible in Finder

I’ve upgraded as prompted to Version 3.0.1 of Dashboard which initially worked well but the day after and Finder won’t mount Drobo. It is however visible in Disk Utility and Dashboard.

My Drobo Gen 3 is connected to my computer via a USB Hub with its own power source. I would rather it not be that way but since I upgraded my MacBook to a Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) its the only way I can get it to work. Without it, I wouldn’t see my Drobo in Finder nor Dashboard and not even Disk Utility.

Maybe this new version of Dashboard fixes that issue? If it doesn’t and I have Drobo connected directly to my MAC I would have to manually force a shut down.

Solution Found!!! and it doesn’t involve spending more on Disk Warrior.

I was surfing through the 5D thread and found this youtube link:


Why Drobo Support team? Why would you not have figured this out? Why wold you have us spend more on a third party company? Getting a commission? Sister company? WTF!!!